Maxim Girl Of The Week- Noks Zimu

We Caught up with Cape Town based MC,Radio Presenter and Model, Noks Zimu.
• What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
” Always be yourself “very cliche I know but a lot of people will try influence you or shame you for being true to yourself because there’s a certain way you are expected to behave but staying true to yourself is the only way one finds true peace and happiness.
• How old were you when you started modeling?
about 22 years old.
• You have been granted three wishes – what are they?
True Love, Success and peace
• Have you dealt with any stalkers?
Luckily not, just a few social media stalkers (but honestly who doesn’t stalk their crush?) but I’m generally good at ignoring and blocking those that tend to get overboard with their advances.
• What are your plans for the year?
I love music, so this year I think I will push that passion further. I’m currently learning how to be a DJ and I’m already an online radio presenter on Hashtag Radio in Cape Town. I will be MCing and hosting a few parties around Africa so I’m very excited to take the next journey in entertainment.
 • Hard tack or wine?
150% Wine
• Beard or clean-shaven?
• Swimsuit or lingerie shoots?
Lingerie all day
• G-string or French knickers? 
French Knickers
• Briefs or boxers?

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