As guys, we all have a need for speed. And, of course, that need extends into every facet of life including the gym. The good news is there’s always a faster way to get gains in the gym. One of the best and most underrated ways to get faster gains is simple enough: Move faster. Picking up the pace of lifts will accelerate gains and, as an added bonus, you’ll likely have to spend less time at the gym.

The Fast and The Furious

Just as there are curves running up and down a car, lifts are all about moving the weight up and down. To speed up your gains, you have to make sure you’re making no pauses.

So just how fast is fast? The concentric portion (upward motion) should be one or two seconds and the eccentric (downward motion) should be only one second. The tempo should be incredibly explosive; it should feel as if the exercise couldn’t be done any faster without breaking form.

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