Australia’s indicates McGregor has been on the receiving end of threats from some pretty bad guys after he mixed it up at a pub near the Dublin neighborhood where he grew up. Not just average aggressive drunks, either:

Irish police are aware of claims McGregor allegedly assaulted a man with ties to Kinahan lieutenant Graham “The Wig” Whelan — one of the country’s most feared gangsters who was a key player in a long-running feud which claimed 16 lives in the early 2000s.

One report suggested the man, who is in his 50s, is Whelan’s father.

McGregor allegedly punched two other men as well.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor to the Irish mob, maybe?

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The UFC’s Dana White said he doesn’t believe it, but following a screaming front page from an Irish paper about a “Top Celeb” who “Punched (a) Mobster’s Dad,” McGregor seemed to lean into the story with odd Instagram video above, captioned only “The celebrity.”

A member of the Gardai (Irish law enforcement) told English media that no reports were filed about the incident, but that may be meaningless if mob guys were involved—they’d prefer to handle it their own way.

Plenty of Irish social media users absolutely believe it happened and some definitely think McGregor might want to watch his back.

Looks like someone got mixed up with the wrong people in Dublin. The Kinahan Gang isn’t a group of guys you want to fuck with.

The “Irish Sports Star” who’s name is not mentioned in this article is in fact Conor McGregor. I had someone try to debunk that he was in any kind of trouble, but you’re in deeper trouble with the Kinehan than you are the law in Dublin: 

Well-known Irish sports star punches cartel associate in Dublin pub

A well-known Irish sports star has assaulted a close associate of a senior Kinahan cartel henchman in a south Dublin pub.

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This shit about McGregor scrapping in a pub smacking a hitman’s Dad and smashing up gangsters is mental

I’m still yet to see the footage of McGregor allegedly beating up a local in an Irish pub, but if true, that’s bad, bad news for him.

Has to resort to winning pub brawls because he failed miserably at boxing and doesn’t have the stomach for any more Diaz, nor Khabib or Ferguson. 🤨 

Report: Conor McGregor Badly Beat Up Random Dude In Bar Last Night, In Dublin – MMA Imports

A new report states that reigning UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor badly beat a random bystander at a bar last night.

Honestly, McGregor being out of his head and causing that fight is his own fault. In his local pub too. Hitting one of Dublin’s top drug gang’s father. Bruuuh!

If McGregor did as alleged and is now a marked man, we might see a judicious move elsewhere soon, like the United States.

Though it might be a good idea to avoid Boston.

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